Aren’t books magnificent!  There is nothing like the feel of a real book. Call me traditional but I want my children to love reading and stories as much as I did and still do! In a society where we are consumed with reducing screen time for our children reading a story is the perfect alternative.

I went to a baby shower recently where everyone attending was asked to buy the expectant Mum a children’s storybook. Baby’s library started. Just like that, with lots of oohs and ahs as some of our own childhood favorites were being unwrapped.

For babies and children, reading stories helps language development, nurtures the development of a child’s imagination and teaches them about the world around them. 

For me it would therefore seem only natural to create a book for young children all about first aid.  First aid teaching can start young, and via a storybook is a great approach. You never know, if something happened to you at home your little one might just need to be the one getting help. First aid need not be scary or gory for little ones.  Let me tell you about my character Freddie.

Freddie is at playgroup, and like many little ones has a tendency to get into a few bumps and scrapes as he explores his world. In his first adventure story, Freddie falls and grazes his knee at the park and then later bumps his head falling over at playgroup.  Children being read the story learn how Freddie is looked after, and what treatment he is given, helping children to understand the very basics of first aid. Later in the story, Freddie’s Mummy is unwell and Freddie knows exactly what to do and gets help by calling 999. The story ends with everyone well.

The book is beautifully illustrated by the fabulous Hayley Vine, who creates the most amazing illustrations whilst working around her 3 boys.  Freddie is based on my little boy Alfie, he even had to have brown eyes!

I have absolutely loved sharing the story with young children, and seeing their reactions as we read the book. The book also features in our Early Years First Aid classes.


If you too love reading stories, and would love to share this story at home The Mini Adventures of Freddie is available via

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Happy World Book Day