This week we have teamed up with the lovely folk at Toddle, the natural, vegan, children's skincare people, to bring you their top tips for avoiding sore skin this winter! Toddle are absolutely passionate about using the best quality, most natural ingredients possible for their products - why? Did you know that the epidermis of children's skin is 1/3 the thickness of an adults? This means that chemicals can be absorbed more easily into skin, so it's crucial that we consider what products we are using on our precious little ones. Over to Toddle to explain how to avoid sore winter skin:


I always find with my children’s skin, it is worse in winter- the cold air causes chapped lips and makes their cheeks sore. Their skin is actually different to ours as it’s more permeable and therefore more prone to dryness and irritation. 

Here are my top tips I’ve used over the years to help my 2 (aged 3 and 6) to help alleviate the dryness and protect those squishy cheeks and dribbly little smiles!  


1.      Don’t bath them for too long or too often

New-borns don’t need a bath every day - in fact 3 times a week is enough. Don’t keep them in the bath longer than 10 minutes as it starts to dry out the skin. 


2.      Don’t use fragrances

As far as possible don’t get fragranced soaps/bubble baths- it’s so tempting to get something that smells amazing! But the most common irritant in children’s products are fragrances. Even natural solutions can cause rashes, such as natural essential oils. 


3.      Use the right moisturiser

We use moisturisers liberally here and recommend ones with oils, few fragrances and few chemical additives. For very dry skin with particularly rough patches, apply twice daily and pick an emollient based cream - we recommend our Protective Skin Balm for Babies and Children.


4.      Take preventative measures for chapped lips

Don’t forget your little one's lips and cheeks: dry air and windy weather can make exposed lips chapped and cheeks windburned, which looks and feels like sunburn. The best thing to do is apply a lip balm, before exposure even happens. Our dribble proof lip balm comes with a handy toggle to attach it onto a buggy or bag, so it helpfully never gets lost! 


5.      Sunburn in babies and toddlers

It may be cold outside, but the sun still plays a big role in your baby’s winter skin care. Snow reflects up to 85 percent of the sun’s harmful rays, and even on a grey day, UV rays can still get through, so sun cream is important throughout the seasons. We recommend a factor 50 sun cream, with gentle ingredients.


6.      Dry skin from alcohol gel 

In these COVID-19 times, kids are using hand gels more than ever before and we recommend using a sanitiser without alcohol. This one works on killing viruses, without needing alcohol to do so! 


We love the Toddle products so much, you can now find them in our Mini First Aid Shop!


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