We are recruiting again at Mini First Aid! We now have a network of over 70 franchises across the UK who are all working hard to deliver life-saving training, but they need your help! We are looking for additional trainers to work alongside our existing franchisees and help them deliver classes.

Your typical Mini First Aid additional trainer will have great communication skills, be comfortable and confident delivering training and ideally have some sort of first aid background - we are especially looking for qualification course instructors to meet demand for these courses.

Perhaps you are working in education or healthcare and looking for some additional work, or you’re a parent looking for flexible options around childcare  – you can fit your Mini First Aid work in around your existing schedules, taking on as much or as little as suits. Training can be provided on negotiation with your local Mini First Aid franchisee(s).


To help you get a flavour of what the role involves we talked to Grace Worthington, who currently works as a Mini First Aid additional trainer in the Gloucestershire region.


Hi Grace, thanks for chatting with us today! Can you tell me how you first heard about Mini First Aid (MFA)?

I am a nurse by background, but had a growing young family and wanted to have more freedom to be around for them. I had been thinking about getting into first aid teaching and started searching for first aid companies - reading about how MFA came to be I already loved their ethos and wanted to be part of it!


What is your job title and what are the main responsibilities of your role?

I am a Mini First Aid additional trainer. I work for a few of the franchisees local to the Forest of Dean. I am mainly responsible for delivering the qualification and teens courses for them, but also deliver the kids and early years classes too.


What made you want to do this job?

For me it was largely to do with having a lot of personal experience managing emergency situations for my own little ones, and wanting to teach and share my knowledge. When my two eldest were little, we had many trips to A&E for some really frightening incidents including life threatening choking and suspected meningitis. Thankfully my nursing background helped me know the signs and what to do, but the comment from family and friends was always ‘I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do!’ I was so thankful to have the knowledge and skills I did. My role in MFA means I could actually be part of making so many more people ‘have a clue what to do’ in these situations. What a privilege!



MFA is all about flexible working - what has been your experience of this?

For anyone with a young family, life will always be a juggle, but MFA has given me the flexibility to work around my husband’s full time (and often evening/Sunday) job, and enable me to do school runs and be around when my family need me. Being a trainer, I am able to say when I am available for any enquiries/bookings. Saying that, I am part of my franchisees’ teams, and we go out of our way to support each other with classes and bookings as much as we can, and it can be very busy if I want it to be!


Can you tell me about a typical day working as an additional trainer for Mini First Aid?

For a qualification course, I prep my kit the night before and generally have an early start (after helping get the kids get dressed and breakfasted!) to head off and set up at the venue. I try to grab some snacks for the attendees on the way and make sure the kettle is on for their arrival. Our qualification courses are so enjoyable – we try to ensure a relaxed atmosphere as this always gets the best out of people, especially as some come feeling very nervous. What is brilliant is seeing the mood and energy lift in the room. By the time I’ve used our choking vests, fake wounds with embedded objects and got them bandaging arms and heads, there’s loads of laughter and team work in the room. After pack up, I get home for tea and bed with the kids.

Other days I will run a 2 hour class – parents or teens perhaps, which could be an evening, weekend or weekday. We run these sessions in small groups, generally up to 12, and it’s great to be able to interact, use personal stories and answer lots of questions through the session.


What’s it like running the kids first aid classes?

What I always find really refreshing is the buzz I get from teaching in schools. Kids are always so excited to learn first aid - they are like sponges and learn so fast.

My big Ted always comes with me to my Early Years classes. I learnt very quickly that when I packed the car, my kids were watching me and they are very concerned that I made sure Ted was safely strapped in ready to go, so he gets a very comfy, safe ride to classes now!


Is it a rewarding role and if so, why?

Absolutely! It is amazing to see children as young as 3 being able to understand how to help if someone’s poorly or hurt, and the pride they feel in themselves when they can carry out first aid techniques. Seeing new parents leave a class feeling confident they can help if their little one was hurt or unwell is amazing. I am so proud to be part of the MFA team who are all so passionate, personable and care so deeply about the work that they do and how they can help save lives.


What has been your highlight working as an MFA additional trainer?

Supporting the amazing franchisees in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Cardiff has been amazing. There are lots of occasions we will get asked to go and run classes purely as a result of word of mouth after running a class elsewhere. I find that really encouraging.

The over-riding feeling within MFA is that you are part of a family, you are not just another trainer. We are recognised for what we’re doing. I have had numerous gifts of thanks and support from head office over the last few years, and this is carried on through to my franchisees who have nominated me for awards, sent me personal gifts of thanks and checked in when myself or my family have been unwell. I’ve never felt so appreciated in a job before!


Why should other people apply for this role?

This role is so rewarding and so varied – being able to teach in such a range of settings and with such different groups of people is brilliant. You will be well supported and trained, and there is flexibility for you to work around the needs of your day to day life. There’s also scope for you to bring ideas and grow business as well as working with some of the most down to earth and inspiring people!


If Grace has inspired you to get involved with Mini First Aid then we would love to hear from you!

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