This Fathers Day, we thought we’d celebrate some of the amazing Dads who run our Mini First Aid classes.

We spoke to Martin Lacey, who launched Mini First Aid in North London back in January this year, about why he loves what he does, and how his classes have already helped to save a baby’s life!


How did you first hear about Mini First Aid?

My partner saw an article in the Daily Mail about Kate when she won the Everywoman award and suggested that Mini First Aid could be a good career option for me - I had previously considered joining London Ambulance Service so it seemed like a good fit.


Why did you decide to buy a Mini First Aid franchise?

I wanted to have more freedom over my working hours and a more favourable work/life balance. I also wanted a chance to be my own boss. Mostly though, I wanted a more rewarding job.


Did you have any previous first aid experience?

I've been First Aid qualified for 18 years. Predominantly as a First Aider in the workplace, but I also co-run a Judo Club with a friend and took on the first aid duties there as well.


What do you enjoy about your job?

Firstly, working with a such a friendly bunch, be it the HQ Team or any of the other franchisees that I've met so far. I like being able to have more control over my working hours. Most importantly, working for Mini First Aid has given me the opportunity to teach something that I'm really passionate about, and that will hopefully make a positive difference to someone further down the line. 


What has been your most memorable moment since working for Mini First Aid and why?

That would have to be Sam, a parent I trained who then went on to save her baby from choking. I've read the testimonials online and seen the posts in our Facebook group when Mums & Dads have messaged in to say that they have helped their children due to what they have learnt on one of our courses. I thought it would be nice one day to hear that what I have taught someone had helped them to save their child's life, I just never expected to hear that so soon!


6 months on, are you glad that you made the leap and joined Mini First Aid?

Buying a franchise has allowed me to run my own business, but with the bonus of support from a National Brand and a large group of fellow Franchisees. My work/life balance has improved and I find my work far more rewarding. It's far less stressful and far more enjoyable than anything I have done previously.


What advice would you give to someone who is considering buying a franchise?

Only you know if the time is right to start your own business, but joining Mini First Aid makes the process easier due to all the help and support in those early days and ongoing. If you want the flexibility to dictate your own hours and have a job that is highly rewarding then take the plunge!




And here's to some of our other fabulous dads at Mini First Aid . . . 

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