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Mini First Aid classes brought to your workplace!

First Aid classes as a lunchtime perk


Mini First Aid can bring our multi award winning first aid training to employers in a fun, award-winning 2-hour session for their employees. This could be a lunchtime perk with your employer gifting the fee and the time!


Our classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and give the confidence to working mums, dads and carers to know what action to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Mini First Aid have recently held corporate classes at Sky and Arco - with great benefits to the company and the employees. The feedback was fantastic:


Anna from Arco commented:

“We want to ensure that we support our colleagues and working with Mini First Aid is one way we’ve been able to do this. The baby and child first aid sessions were open to all colleagues and provided free of charge during business hours to give as many as possible the chance to learn vital first aid skills. Our trainer Jodie’s supportive and informative approach received outstanding colleague feedback. I would highly recommend the Mini First Aid team to other businesses.”

Anna Harvatt 

Internal Communications and CSR Manager


 One of the attendees told us: 

“I felt at ease… and there was plenty of opportunity to practice on the child/baby dolls, with encouragement from my fellow colleagues as well as Jodie herself.  I felt the content explored in the time allotted was very good and there was a generous amount of time dedicated to each topic".


Lisa Cummings at Sky told us:

‘Sky are always looking for ways to better support our staff and those who are parents. I came across Mini First Aid through a Facebook promotion and there was a huge demand for the Infant and Child First Aid class. The communication and organisation of the event was excellent. Sarah-Lou was professional, engaging and even injected some parent-style humour! The class was interactive and educational - everyone took something away from it including much more confidence in dealing with any emergencies. The feedback received was amazing! It was a great success and hopefully something we can do again, and potentially roll out to other sites in the UK. Thank you Mini First Aid, you were a pleasure to deal with!’



Your company could offer a great, low-cost initiative and receive fantastic staff engagement and feedback, whilst promoting loyalty and staff retention! 

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