As a paediatric nurse, Gayle Clarke knows exactly what to do when her baby son, Hamish stops breathing. Hamish is currently undergoing hospital tests to find out why this keeps happening. Gayle got in touch with Mini First Aid to organise a private class for her close family. She wanted to make sure everyone knew exactly what to do should Hamish stop breathing. 

We had a lovely chat with Gayle about Hamish and why she was super impressed with Mini First Aid. 


Gayle, can you tell us a little bit about what is happening with Hamish?

Hamish is 12 months old now and has had several episodes where he stops breathing. He has had 3 episodes alone just over the last month. 


Oh my goodness, that must be so scary and stressful. 

It really is. We don’t know yet why it is happening. It isn’t reflux and might possibly be related to seizures but Hamish is currently having all kinds of tests. 


What do you do when this happens?

Hamish needs rescue breaths (the first stage of performing CPR). The earliest he has come round is after three breaths. Thankfully, we haven’t had to start chest compressions. Obviously due to my medical training I know what to do, but I wanted to make sure my husband and grandparents were fully trained up too. 


Weren’t you tempted to train them up yourself?

I wanted to get someone professionally trained to teach a fully certified course. I was also keen for my family to learn to use basic life support equipment rather than just listening to me. 


What made you choose Mini First Aid?

I looked online to be honest and Mini First Aid seemed to be the best class. You just looked the most professional and our Mini First Aid trainer, Maria was so quick in getting back to us and made sure she tailored the class to what we needed. 


That’s so good to hear. How do your family feel now about looking after Hamish?

My Mum is so much happier about looking after Hamish now that she is trained in CPR. Even my husband feels much more confident now that he knows exactly what to do. Without effective rescue breaths, we would be in a very different situation with Hamish. 


Maria is great isn’t she? We’re so lucky to have a team of fantastic trainers. 

My family couldn’t praise Maria enough. She is a great teacher, who put all the medical terminology in language everyone could understand. After the end of the class, I quizzed my family about what they had learned and they could all remember what they needed to know which is very reassuring. Maria has even gone into Hamish’s nursery to train up all the staff so they can better care for him. 


We’re so glad that Mini First Aid has been able to help and we wish you and your gorgeous little boy all the best Gayle.  

Ah thank you. I would just like to say that even without Hamish’s complications, I would still have booked the course as it is so important for anyone looking after children to have some knowledge and understanding about paediatric first aid and basic life support. 


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